ᓇᓄᖅ (polar bear)

Polar bears can trace their ancestry to brown bears living 600,000 years ago…to give an idea, modern humans can be traced to about 200,000 years ago… over that time nanuk ᓇᓄᖅ (polar bear) has adapted very well to the arctic…. and according to modern science they are considered marine animals due to the amount of time they spend at sea…. Recently they are spending less at sea because floating ice is melting in the warmer climate…. so they are coming in more contact with modern brown bears and the two have begun mating… due to their adaptability I think they will be one of the species to survive global warming…. in general bears are incredibly intelligent– on the level of higher primates… many cultures identify bears as a kind of human being, especially when they stand up on two legs…the polar bear is known as a solitary wanderer, and expert hunter… For centuries people have learned from bears about medicine and hunting, among other things…. much respect for Nanuk.

polarPhoto: A polar bear, taken in 2007 and shared by Great Bear Foundation.


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