For life to exist there needed to be duality…there needed to be separation. Division of earth and heaven, and division of qualities. Some qualities were put in certain animals, some qualities in other beings. The more that the universe diversified, the more life it could support. We all know this story…

Then we learned, the key to living was understanding that things unlike you are still a part of you. That all you are used to be a part of all “they” are…and still is. That your qualities were not created for you to enjoy- they were created for you to balance out against something else. If you had anger, that balanced passiveness. If you had kindness, that balanced violence.

We were taught that as human beings we can acquire various qualities. We are not restricted to one set like other animals…that we have some choice. If we encouraged a set qualities, we would join them. Animal qualities took us to animals, Angelic qualities took us to angels, Monstrous qualities took us to fire breathing dragons. There is for us a consequence for choice.

We learned definitions like “good” and “bad” to teach us about these consequences. Like children, we explored ourselves, our identities, our spirits.

Then we were reminded, no quality is inherently “bad” because it is all connected to the same. When the heaven and earth were divided up, each quality had to go somewhere. Poison went somewhere, nectar went somewhere. For every angel there was a monster… for every good mind there was a disturbed mind. There was no dominion of certain qualities over other qualities…just balance. Just struggle. Struggle is not a consequence, it is a feature of living. We cannot rightly blame anyone for having to struggle.

We were shown, when struggle ceases, and dominion of any quality becomes apparent, diversity breaks down, and keeps breaking down until the sky and the earth fall into one another.

Destruction will not be liberation…we were warned. Liberation is not creating artificial homogeny and destroying diversity- liberation is experiencing unity within a diverse reality, or having an awareness unaffected by either creation or destruction. It is a state of simultaneous unity and diversity that persists with creation, with destruction. We were thus shown that the path to our “peace” transcended the path to our “death”…we were shown that there was life beyond this endless separation and fusion of qualities.

And then…somehow….we forgot?

photo by Safeer Ullah Khan

photo by Safeer Ullah Khan


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