Interactive no. 1

In the spirit of inclusion I propose anyone share in this thought exercise:

What is your conception of Human Rights?

In my mind, human rights is this large shifty amalgam of ways people can be included in a community. It changes its shape with the birth of each new person, new personality, and new talent. It grows and expands to fit the needs of each generation. It is never stable or constant, requiring regular revision and fine tuning as time goes on. It touches every human life, the good Samaritan and the less reform-able criminal, binding all together under the guise of communal interest. Human rights thus reflect what it means to be a counted member within a community, not relative to one another individually, but relative to the community’s subsistence as a whole– therein our roles, our aspirations, and our responsibilities.

What is your conception of Human Autonomy?

Autonomy is the agency that a person exercises to define the terms of their inclusion within a community. It is the ability of a person to bring their own creativity, style, and taste to the table, solidifying their unique role in the life of a community.

What is your conception of Human Responsibility?
The two most important responsibilities of each human being are 1) to assert their autonomy and find ways that they (in their unique form and thought) can be included in the community, and 2) to uphold the rights of other individuals by encouraging their inclusion as opportunities arise. When human beings are engaging in these two activities the happiness and health of a community begin to thrive. And if ever a community is suffering from a lack of either responsibility, then it is inevitable (as evidenced by history) that suffering of masses of people will follow.

Coming Home, by Beverley Grant, 2007.

Coming Home, by Beverley Grant, 2007.


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