What art, what poetry, what craft can you bring?
What song can you sing? with what dance and what scene?
What story, what paint, what stitches and bows?
What beats with what rhythms? what costumes and clothes?
Time comes when the world is that tattered and torn,
that hearts hide in shadows and murder is norm,
don’t hide, don’t hold back, don’t shy from the dream,
let all of your love burst out from these seams,
and choke on your joy, and share what you know
your heart’s truth and beauty is waiting to grow,
and children and youth will peer past their fear
curious and weary, they’ll yearn to be near,
so call them and teach them, and play them a tune,
make music and laughter, bring back the old loom
draw pictures, mix colours, design something bold
and share it, or burn it, but let it be told
what world and what future is there without art?
what culture, what message, could you play a part?
the world won’t be saved by policy or law
or pushing or backing, or causing to fall,
the world can be saved only in its youth,
so teach them and reach them, and show them your Truth…

Archangel Gabriel Revealing The Quran To Muhammad (pbuh). Art by Michael Black


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