(colonization) Clockwork

like clockwork.
lives are twisted and forced together,
paced to compete
for tainted quartz.
beating beating
an artificial organ, stolen
cut out of mothers
and made into lore
so that more
more, more, more
cannibals feast
cutting deeply into her.
don’t fear this tower
this clock, those chimes,
they sing to the devils
ringing, screaming,
tearing, ripping, mining.
dont fear this tower
It is just tall enough
that a nice gust of wind
and perhaps a small nudge
will knock it all down.
Stand proudly near it
and watch it crumble
in your golden shadow
and your precious
which were there all along
waiting, waiting, waiting,
for you to make
your own time.
why is it when I look at the clock
I can feel your fear?
Stand closer to me and see what I see,
how it leans, how it crumbles,
how it is no bigger than an ant hill
how it breaks apart
in the breath

of our laughter.



[Clock painting by Zack Helwa]


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